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System Requirements

  • TradePerformance™ has been tested to run on the following Windows® platforms:


    1. Microsoft® Windows® 95 (see note 1)
    2. Microsoft® Windows® 98 (see note 1)
    3. Microsoft® Windows® Me
    4. Microsoft® Windows® NT
    5. Microsoft® Windows® 2000
    6. Microsoft® Windows® XP
    7. Microsoft® Windows® Vista (see note 3)
    8. Microsoft® Windows® 7


  • Hardware Requirements:
    1. Intel® or compatible processor running at least 400 mhz.
    2. 32 Megs of Ram
    3. Internet Connection (used for quote retrieval)



  1. If TradePerformance™ won't start properly on older versions of Windows®. 95 or Windows®. 98 you may need to get a patch from Microsoft®. called the C runtime dlls. It consists of three files:

    1. msvcrt.dll
    2. msvcirt.dll
    3. msvcp60.dll

    Go to to download and install these needed files. You could also upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer and this should correct the problem.

  2. If date columns are not sorting correctly - go to Windows Control Panel -> Regional Options -> Date -> short Date Format -> and set it to M/d/yyyy.
  3. On  Windows® Vista, TradePerformance cannot be installed under C:\Program Files\ due to a recently added file restrictions imposed by the Vista operating system.  Use the default installation location will work fine.


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