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Trade Importing

TradePerformance allows you to import your transactions from various brokers and review your performance without keying all the data in separately.  In order to accomplish this, however, your broker or trading platform must provide a reliable data file to read.

TradePerformance currently supports importing from a number of brokers and trading platforms and we are adding more on an as requested basis.  If you do not see the one you need please contact us for help.

Formats Currently Supported:

  2. Interactive Brokers - Daily export file from TWS (does not include commissions).
  3. Interactive Brokers - Daily or Monthly reports generated in "TradeLog" format from their Account Management website. 
  4. Ameritrade Institutional
  5. J-Trader
  6. Trade Station
  7. QIF files
  8. REDI-Plus

Sample Instructions for Downloading from

1. Login in to
2. Select Account
3. Select History
4. Select Appropriate Date Range, Press "GO" wait for rows to display
5. Click Export
( You might have to turn off Pop-Up Blocker temporarily. To do this go
to the Internet Explorer Menu Bar, select Tools-> Pop-Up Blocker->Turn Off Pop-Up Blocker.
To turn back on select Tools-> Pop-Up Blocker->Turn ON Pop-Up Blocker).
6. Save Transaction file to a location on your hard drive that you will remember.
7. Log out of Schwab Account.
8. Open TradePerformance,
9. From Menu select File->Import->Import Transaction file into TradePerformance
10. Wait for Import Transaction Dialog Window to open
11. Click Locate and file the file you just saved from the Schwab Export.
12. Select "Other Format"
13. In the list of "File Converters" select the Schwab_Export_Format.vbs" converter from the list.
14. Select other options if appropriate.
15. Click OK.
16. Wait for import to complete.
17. Check your results before saving the data file. 

SPECIAL NOTE:  If TradePerformance encounters a new security during the import process it will create one for you (Check the Investments tab).   However, it defaults to a "Stock".  If you are trading Currencies, Futures, Options etc, you will need to go back and modify these to indicate the appropriate Type and Multiplier.



For more information on TradePerformance Please contact:

Steven C. Geringer, Managing Partner

SCG Associates, LLC

Raleigh, North Carolina 27612

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