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“Show me a trader with good records, and I’ll show you a good trader”   Dr Alexander Elder



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First a word or two about what TradePerformance™ is NOT.  It is:

  1. Not Stock Charting
  2. Not a Technical Analysis Tool
  3. Not A Canned Strategy
  4. Not A Trading System

There are plenty of the above already available.  TradePerformance is something brand new.  It is a tool to help better you manage your trading activity and personal development as a trader.  

In Short, it Is a Trading Management System.  This Includes:

  1. Trading Rules: Helping you improve your Trading Performance


    Want to be more disciplined in your trade execution? Have you ever had a winning trade and instead of taking your profit, got greedy and held on too long? Have you ever decided to cut your losses but did not follow through and lost more? Do you have a tendency to trade inconsistent dollar amounts creating an unbalanced risk profile for your trading account?


    TradePerformance™ allows you to specify trading rules to raise alerts when predefined events occur in your open positions. For example, TradePerformance™ Trading Rules allow you to set a predetermined dollar, point or percentage loss value for your positions, which allows you to lower and minimize your losses and stay in the game.


    Trading rules fall into one of three categories:

    • Money Management – To help you ensure that you are trading in dollar amounts which are consistent with winning.
    • Loss Control – To help you avoid devastating losses in your trading accounts.
    • Greed Control – To prevent you from getting too greedy and giving up hard earned gains.

  2. Performance Analysis: Accurate Return on Investment Calculation

    Having difficulty figuring your true Return on investment? Do you tend to deposit or withdraw principal from your account during the year? What percentage of your gains is going toward commissions, margin interest and other account expenses? Do you tend to remember your gains better than your losses or vice versa, leaving you with a lopsided view of your actual trading performance?


    TradePerformance™ Return on Investment calculations takes these factors into consideration and offers an accurate view of your trading prowess. This means that you will work with better information at all times.

  3. Trade Record Keeping:

    Are you looking for a record keeping system specifically designed for active stock trading? Not satisfied with the reports coming from your online brokers? Would you like to control all of your trading accounts, transactions and positions in one place?


    TradePerformance™ provides all the bookkeeping facilities needed to easily track all of your account transactions in one place. This will save you time and give you better control over all your trading activities.

  4. Position Monitoring:

    Would having detailed performance information on current open positions be of help to you?


    TradePerformance™ displays all open positions across all accounts along with total amounts bought, total sold, current value and current gain or loss. Updates to current values are accomplished simply. By clicking one menu option, all investment quotes are downloaded from the Internet. This also allows instantaneous recalculation of all position values, gain/loss measures and ROI percentages. Simply the best we’ve seen.


TradePerformance™ has lots of other features. The best way to learn about everything it can do for you is to give it a try!    Buy Now     


For more information on TradePerformance Please contact:

Steven C. Geringer, Managing Partner

SCG Associates, LLC

Raleigh, North Carolina 27612

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